Whatever the product, item, commodity, or service you require, from a pin to a battleship, we will source it wherever it is on the face of the planet. Whether it is an everyday item or a very specialized piece of equipment, we have the ability and means to get the exact item for you down to the minutest detail. 



We pride ourselves of having the necessary muscle to haggle, bargain and get the right product, with the most competitive pricing and with the best buy or sell conditions available at the time. With the collective buying or selling strength of our networks not only can we achieve unbelievable discounts, we also go the extra length to guarantee the quantity, quality or timing of your order.


Our mentality is that if you are totally delighted with the transaction, you will use us again.  



Our experience in the industry ensures that the entire transaction from start to completion is entirely hitch-free. And thanks to our somewhat unconventional methods we will explore every payment process and possibility to get to the most suitable for you at the time. We also monitor it all the way.



We work with a dedicated network of shipping companies to ensure that all necessary procedures as they would apply to pre-shipment inspection, packaging, shipping, insurance, customs checks etc. are meticulously monitored thereby giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.  


After Sales

Sometimes, things do go wrong after all. Because we take your business personal, whatever the case may be, we still follow up with you and all other necessary parties involved to ensure that any incidentals are sorted, any mistakes are corrected and oversights are rectified by whoever is responsible. 






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