Who we are

The company comprises of a team of dedicated and individually successful professionals from different backgrounds and bringing a diverse mix of experience to the table. Most importantly, we are extremely passionate about what we do here and going the extra mile in providing honest and value-adding solutions and services to our clients. We employ unconventional methods to achieve the desired end result: the absolutely spot on deal for you!


We are based in Bristol, the South West of England with a client base scattered throughout the globe.

How we do it 

We belong to strategic global networks which include manufacturers, distributors, clearing houses, discount warehouses, bulk buyers/sellers, trade consultants and purchasers. With these affiliations, we are sure to source any commodity, product, service or deal on the face of the planet. It could be a general item or a specialized product; we are sure to source it and make it available to you.


Sometimes, it may not just be the best price you may be after. So, we don’t just stop there, we handle the important negotiations and discussions on your behalf to ensure that you also get the best trade conditions that favour the mutual interests and benefits of both the buyer and seller.


After all, you are the reason why we are here!


A little history....

We started out in 2001 as Unex Integrated Concepts Limited and a subsidiary of Unex Consulting Nigeria Limited. In 2010, we became registered as a UK company and renamed to UnexInteco UK Limited. Following a successful expansion to the global frontier, in 2012 we rebranded to Unex Global Limited and most recently Unexinteco Limited.




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International Trade Consulting




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